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At its core, Orlynbock Design strives to create unique spaces and structures that have the least amount of impact on the surrounding environment. We provide architectural design for small residences, and prefer to work on homes that are being remodeled, if the bones of the building are in good shape. When we work on new construction or additions, we put careful thought into which materials can be made from reclaimed sources, or try to innovate if there is no clear solution. At a 'bonus' level, we offer hand made in house artifacts- pieces that are often upcycled from other construction waste as an accent to your house. Above all, we will work with you to create a space that fits your goals.


With over 15 years of construction and architecture experience, you can be assured that the building will go up at or under budget and built well. Past projects included a multitude of 2 flat remodels and additions, light commerical spaces, as well as some single family exterior work. We have background in residential carpentry as well, and know not only the correct way to detail a house, but do it more efficiently from first hand experience.


Having been LEED certified since 2009, the founder, Parker Brock has a familiar background with sustainable design. With prior college work involving Environmental Studies, Parker has always sought to integrate green concepts in his projects, and forms the inspiration for many of them. He has worked closely with local organizations like the Illinois chapter of USGBC, Illinois Green Alliance, and actively volunteers for events such as Green Home Tour and Green Built in the Chicago region.